2017 Wild Rice Festival Programming
(note: subject to change)

  • Amphitheater stage
    10:15-10:45                         Reed Schilleman (singer/guitarist)
    11:00-11:45                         Jeff Chapman (flute maker)
    11:45                                    Bird release by Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
    12:00-12:30                         “Dakota Hunt & Hides: Gibbs Farm storytelling
    12:45-1:30                            Jeff Chapman (flute maker)
    1:45-2:30                              Reed Schilleman (singer/guitarist)
    2:30-3:00                              “Dakota Hunt & Hides: Gibbs Farm storytelling
    3:15-4:00                              Jeff Chapman (flute maker)
  • Picnic Area
    10:30                                     Little Thunderbirds Drum & Dance Troupe
    11:15                                     Village Games
    12:30                                     Little Thunderbirds Drum & Dance Troupe
    1:15                                        Village Games
    2:30                                        Little Thunderbirds Drum & Dance Troupe
    3:15                                        Village Games

Plus the following!

  • Little Thunderbirds Drum and Dance Troupe
  • Music and stories by flute maker Jeff Chapman
  • Village Games
  • Take the Wild Rice Challenge! includes sampling cooked traditionally harvested and cultivated wild rice and voting for your preference
  • St. Paul Mounted Police with Javier and Cowboy, Native American horse breeds
  • Traditional wild rice harvesting and processing demonstrations
  • Honey extraction demonstrations, with fresh honey for sale
  • Apple cider press – with apples donated by Pine Tree Apple Orchard
  • Reed Schilleman, singer/guitarist will perform
  • Gibbs Farm will do presentations about early life in Minnesota
  • Traditional crafts demonstrations (and sales)
  • Northland Visions store – wild rice, maple syrup and other foods and products from their retail store in Minneapolis
  • HANC Store, selling some Northland Visions products as well, along with the very fresh honey, jalapeño jams and other volunteer-made products being sold with all proceeds donated to the nature center
  • Activities and crafts for kids